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Pink Clouds

Creative Projects

The Elements

An evolving collection of short stories about the healing properties and potentials when interacting with the elements of wind, water, fire, and earth.

Yellow Flowers

Love Letters

I have been deeply impacted by the Pandemic. After spending most of 2021 in a deep and totally appropriate depression, I have reemerged with the help of my friends, family, and some antidepressants. During my hibernation, I wrote a series of letters to different family members to process painful past events that haven't been adequately addressed and also call them into needed conversations about power and privilege. This started as a personal project, but as I wrote more I realized this would be helpful for so many people.

Image by virginia lackinger

Car Oil, Break Dust, and Elbow Grease

A short story tracing my mom's experience of being gender nonconforming and getting her first job at a car garage. An intimate snapshot of sexism, perseverance, and a formative experience in her development.

Image by Meriç Dağlı

A cross-pollination with a dear friend and colleague, Krista Gaston, LMFT. This was a seasonal workshop series designed to be ongoing, accessible, radical spaces for healing, community, and skill building. Participants grew their awareness in Earth-centered knowledge, connected with others in supported ways, and engaged with therapeutic themes. Workshops were offered individually or as a self-care series Spring- Fall 2022.

Image by Sergey Shmidt

Little Jo Loves Big

An essay and collection of short stories capturing the concept that the love we are capable of showing others is also a reflection of the love we're capable of showing ourselves. Inspired by my mom's big heart and her propensity for self-criticism, this piece is a project I completed for my undergraduate capstone in 2012. I was honored to open the capstone ceremony for my major with one of the stories from this collection.

Image by MIO ITO

My Alpine Road

A gut-wrenching short story crafted in my youth to help process my sister's suicide attempt. Originally crafted for the initial assignment in my first college level writing course, this eventually became a piece I won a Best Essay contest for. It celebrates several defining moments in my life and their impact.

Image by Aaron Burden
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